Website Design
Starting at only $1,400*
*Here is what $1,400 plus Maintenance fees gets you:
  • A basic yet well though out design in the color scheme that fits
    you or the subject of your website.
  • Up to 5 pages with a dimension size of approximately
    900x2000px which is roughly the size of this page.
  • Trouble shooting, problem solving, uploads, verifying, redesigns.
  • Full service and fast uploads.
  • You simply provide the text and photos and I do the rest.
  • No design skills required.
  • Just sit back and enjoy your custom designed website.
In association with the 41 Motel
Having your own website is easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Decide on what type of website you want.
  • Pick the colors that will compliment the subjects.
  • Write down what you want the site to say.
  • Provide some pictures about your subjects.

Then let the Webmaster take it from there. After only a few days
your new website will be ready for you to view.
Manage Your Own Website. Starting at $1,800 I will design your website. I will then give you the program files
in a format that is used with a free program you will download. I will spend up to 4 hours to teach you the basics
of how to use the program. I will also upload your new website to your domain and Web Hosting Service. You
must provide or pay for the domain name and web hosting separately. After that you will maintain your own site
and keep it updated. In-other-words, you will own the files and therefore you can change or do anything you
want with them and your website. I will have no further involvement, unless otherwise requested, and there will
be no other charges from me. Note: There is an extra charge on either plan for special items such as, but
limited to, video, motion effects or slide show. I will not design e-commerce sites. Slide-out navigation bar with
sub-tabs is only available with “Full Service” because it’s a separate program.

Full Service Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance. Starting at $1,400 I will design, then maintain and
update your site with a domain name of your choice. Your site will be hosted by AT&T or Yahoo web hosting
service and is not included in the Maintenance fee which is $45 per month plus $45 per hour for updating,
changes, problem solving, redesign, uploads, verifying and trouble shooting. Web hosting fee and domain
name fee is billed to you annually and not included in the initial Design fee. These fees usually run around $140
to $160 yearly.
*Terms and Conditions: Page size will be approximately 960 x 2,000 px which is about the size of this page
you are currently on. There is a maximum size of 960 x 2,000 px included in base price of $1,400. Larger
pages will be charged at $50 for every 100 px wide and/or 100 px long. After the allowed 5 pages there is a
$50 charge per page. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 must be paid in advance before I begin work on a
design. The deposit will apply to the final approved design price unless customer doesn’t approve any of the 3
designs submitted. If you, the customer, does not approve of the first design then I will redesign 2 more times if
necessary. If after a total of 3 designs the customer is not satisfied and does not approve the design, then it will
be assumed that I cannot satisfy the customer and there will no further designs submitted to customer for
approval. In that event there will be no refund of monies already paid to myself. Further, no other contractual
agreement will apply and said agreement will be canceled immediately.  Note: There are extra fees for optional
elements such as but not limited to slide shows, video, forms, tables, motion effects, slide out or drop down sub
navigation tab, etc. If you want me to take pictures there are also extra charges for photos, travel time, and

If you opt to maintain your own website, it is your responsibility to have the knowledge and training to be able to
maintain, upload and update your site and be able to design, change, create or work with whatever programs I
have used to design your website and its elements. If you do not have the knowledge or training or do not wish
to maintain your site and files, then it is your responsibility to hire a person or company to do the work for you. If
you prefer to retain my expertise and services then the charge is $45 per month plus $45 per hour.

All monies owed to Webmaster must be received no later than 30 days after due date to be determined by
Webmaster. If payment in full has not been received within 60 days of due date, the Webmaster will cease work
on the website and a $200 late fee must be paid along with all monies owed. If payment is not received within
90 days, the website will be removed from the hosting service and any contract between Webmaster and
Customer will be considered canceled and the customer will not hold Webmaster responsible for any loss.

A contract will be sent to you for review. Then if you accept the terms on the contract, you must have it notarized
and mailed to me. Then full payment in amount agreed upon must be paid in advance.
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